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In the seminar session today Ralf mentioned George Siemens and Stephen Downes as e-Learning gurus.

I am writing some stuff at the moment about e-learning and mobile learning and both of these guys crossed my research quite a few times.

Siemens developed a new learning theory called connectivism. According to this theory is learning a network-building process. New knowledge is constantly combined with existing knowledge and experiences. Learning becomes a process, in which different information sources and networking joints are constantly combined.

Downes is the one who firstly came up with the term „web 2.0“. You can find the article which was the foundation of the whole development of this on his blog too, beside some other quite interesting articles.

I think both are worthy to have a look at. Here are the links:

Downes`s Blog


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  1. Hi Selma,
    i’m so sorry that i could not reply: i was visiting my family in Ukraine and as i’ve already mentioned, the internet access there is often not available. Now i’m back in the civilization:). I’ve decided to take my „Interactive Sprachreise“ Spanish CD as an example of CBT because it is much more interesting as the Longman CD and has more aspects. Don’t worry, i’m sure that we will make a nice presentation:)… I will contact Simon and we’ll see what we can do…
    I wish you a nice week and much fun in Toronto (if you’re still there)…

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