progress and reflection

First of all I need to excuse again for the delay of our presentation. Sorry.

Elena and I have been working on the progress of the presentation recording two videos yesterday. I must admit that I am not too fond of the whole video stuff but it was actually quite fun doing it. Stilll I m not sure if the extra work- effort results in an extra learning effect.

Reflection of the session about mobile learning:

After the last session, where we talked about mobile learning I downloaded some podcasts from iTunes to my iPod and tried it out on the train this morning. It was not really micro-learning since the article from the Harvard Business Review took 30 Minutes without specific breakes. It was intersting listening and I stayed more concentrated than I would have reading the article. I was not as distracted as without earplugs since I did not hear much of other`s people talking. I also downloaded the „Tagesthemen“ as a videopodcast. A cool way to watch the news if you missed it the last night though it was just yesterday`s news. I guess that is what comes with the iPhone when you have an internet connection on your mobile onthe go, so you can instantly download up-to-date stuff.

Overall there are a lot of advantages that come with the possiblity of learning on the go, but like I argued already in our last session I think we should not factor out the problems which might occur. It is extra time- consuming, it puts especially employees under a lot of pressure shifting the learning more into the spare-time and cutting that even shorter. Additionally I see a problem with the short learning units, getting people distracted and preventing concentration over a longer period of time. Students, especially younger ones, already have quite a problem with concentrating for a certain time, being exposed to fast changing TV-pictures a lot. I am not sure if we would worsen that by jumping on the same track or if it is a development which has taken place already anyhow andwe need to adopt to it now.

What is your opinion?